Why You Should Get Professional Photos Taken of Your Family

To me, professional photos are a must for all families. In this day and time almost everyone has a camera on them at all times. Either on their phone or they carry a little camera around with them. Even a growing number of people have a DSLR camera now (those are the big cameras that look like old film cameras). But how many of you actually print these pictures out and put them on your wall, office, or just around the house? Instead, if your like most 90% of your photos no one ever sees and the other 10% end up only on social media, leaving the halls of your home bare or, as I’ve actually seen at friends houses, a picture frame with the picture that came with the frame. I remember growing up and actually having pictures aroundthe house of our family.

When I go to my grandmas house she still has my senior picture of me and my Camaro hanging on her wall and it brings back fond memories of that part of my life and that day.

When you go out and hire a professional photographer it should always be a special occasion. You get your family, dress them up, and then get to hang out and have fun with them. It is a way to remember that moment in time with you and your family. When you have kids, one minute they are babies, the next minute teenagers, then before you know they are in college and moved out of the house. Because of this I believe you should hire a professional, at least once a year, to freeze this time of your family. You can go get a family studio picture every year, but they’re not able to capture the personality of each member of your family like someone who goes out and spends time with your family, like we do.