My name is Brent Chapman and I am the photographer for Moments in Time. I grew up loving art. When I was a kid I loved drawing and, like most boys, taking things apart and putting them back together. As I grew up, this love of art moved to web design and digital art work. Then before a trip to Cancun that my wife and I took, I decided to buy my first digital camera. I didn’t realize how much this simple thing would change my life. Since that time I haven’t stopped taking pictures. I have taken pictures of everything and almost every event I have been to since that time. Everyone has always told me that I take really great pictues and I should try to sell some of my work. Finally, in the summer of 2008 my wife and I decided to officially start our photography business. We specialize in Wedding and portrait photography.


I was born and raised in Tomball, Texas. It is a small suburb of Houston but I have watched in grow into a pretty big town in the last few decades. My wife moved to Tomball when she was in 7th grade. Shortly after she moved to the area she started going to the Church that I had gone to my whole life. After she graduated High School we started dating. We knew really quickly that we were meant for each other and got engaged and married in a little over a years time. We have gone into our business as a team. We do a lot of our shoots and all of our Weddings together. She is awesome at crowd control and posing group shots.

What we want

We want your photography experience with us to be the best that it can be. We know that the best advertising we can get is word of mouth and to do such a great job that you won’t let your friends go anywhere else for their photography needs. We know that your Wedding day is the most important day of your life. We will capture every special moments of your day and will bring joy to your heart every time you see your wedding day pictures. Thanks for taking time to look at our site and please feel free to contact us with any questions you have or to check booking availability.