Kortnee + Justin Engaged – Houston Wedding Photographer

I’ve known Kortnee for a while but not real well. So when she chose me to shoot her wedding I was very excited. My wife and I met her and Justin in The Woodlands, Texas to shoot their engagement picture. They chose to shoot them at Town Green Park, next to the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion. As a Houston Wedding Photographer I have shot at a lot of different locations but I had never shot there before so I was excited to shoot there. The funniest thing happened on our way to the park though. There is not any parking at the actual park so we had to park at HEB next to it. As we’re walking through the parking log we noticed some someone on the roof of HEB with binoculars. A few minutes later a security person stopped us and said we couldn’t park our car there. It turns out there was a concert that night and the security people weren’t letting concert goers park at HEB. We explained we were going to the park to take pictures and they let us stay parked there. We met them there and their personality and style were great. They were so fun to be with. There was hardly a moment during the shoot that we weren’t laughing. This always makes a shoot a lot of fun but introduces one issue with the shoot, and that is it’s very difficult to get a serious shot. But I don’t see this as a bad thing and I actually thing I was able to get a few good serious shots. Over all their pictures really showed their personality which is always what I aim to do on a shoot. Their wedding is a few month away and it can’t get here soon enough!



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