Fallis 2013 Christmas Mini Session

If you are interested to see what we can do in a mini session (about 30 minutes) here is one of our latest ones. These are some good friends of ours and we have done their pictures a few times now, and they always turn out awesome. Last year I took their pictures right after they finished the adoption of their son. One of the things that really make them so good is Heather is SO good at picking the perfect outfits for the whole family. Anytime you take pictures of kids, you never know what will happen, but when there’s 3 kids, it’s a full on adventure. As soon as you get one kid to look at you and smile, one of the others will look away and start doing something else. But that’s what makes it so much fun and rewarding when you get the results we ended up with. Another great thing about this session was right after this one, Heather’s parents and sister came for the next session and was able to get family pictures of their entire family. If this something you would like please check out our current Christmas mini sessions here.



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