Kortnee + Justin Engaged – Houston Wedding Photographer

I’ve known Kortnee for a while but not real well. So when she chose me to shoot her wedding I was very excited. My wife and I met her and Justin in The Woodlands, Texas to shoot their engagement picture. They chose to shoot them at Town Green Park, next to the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion. As a Houston Wedding Photographer I have shot at a lot of different locations but I had never shot there before so I was excited to shoot there. The funniest thing happened on our way to the park though. There is not any parking at the actual park so we had to park at HEB next to it. As we’re walking through the parking log we noticed some someone on the roof of HEB with binoculars. A few minutes later a security person stopped us and said we couldn’t park our car there. It turns out there was a concert that night and the security people weren’t letting concert goers park at HEB. We explained we were going to the park to take pictures and they let us stay parked there. We met them there and their personality and style were great. They were so fun to be with. There was hardly a moment during the shoot that we weren’t laughing. This always makes a shoot a lot of fun but introduces one issue with the shoot, and that is it’s very difficult to get a serious shot. But I don’t see this as a bad thing and I actually thing I was able to get a few good serious shots. Over all their pictures really showed their personality which is always what I aim to do on a shoot. Their wedding is a few month away and it can’t get here soon enough!



Houston Wedding Photographer // 2012 Year in Review

2012 was a good year for Houston Wedding Photographer Moments in Time Photography. We made a few changes and investments towards our future. One of big things we did was re-branded by updating our website and creating a new logo that we absolutely love. This year we only shot 3 weddings but were able to shoot countless family sessions. We are hoping to at least double or triple our weddings in 2013 and are well on our way to accomplishing this goal..

The year started off with the March wedding of Cindy and TJays. I have been able to shoot at Ashton Gardens a few times and it is always a beautiful place.


In April and May I was able to shoot a few Senior portraits in Tomball for some seniors from Magnolia West and Klein High Schools. It’s always great to be able take these pictures before these kids head off to college and and become full fledged adults.


At the end of June we shot Becca and Mark’s wedding at Bentwater Yacht and Country Club. The setting was second to none but it was miserably hot outside. That’s one of the beautiful things about pictures though, after time passes you forget about those types of things but remember the day from the photographs more than anything else.


In August we we were able to shoot at wedding of Leigha and Damon at the historic Trinity Lutheran Church at the Tomball Museum Center in Tomball, TX. The congregation of the Church was formed in 1876 with the construction of the Church completed in 1905. It was an awesome day with an awesome couple.


In October we did our first Bridal show. It was a lot of fun. We haven’t seen the results we were hoping for yet, but it was our first one and learned a lot from it for our next one.


In October and November we had a special for three weekends on family sessions and were able to shoot about nine families. It was a lot of fun. One of them we were able to do was the Fallis family who had just returned days before the shoot from Seoul, Korea with their new adopted son.



What to Wear to Your Photo Session

What to Wear to a Family or Engagement Photo ShootWhat to wear to a photo shoot is probably one of the most commonly asked questions to us and is probably one of the hardest ones to answer. I have been giving this subject a lot of thought lately.  There is no one answer but instead things you should keep in mind. While this is primarily written for family sessions this can also be used for engagement sessions and Seniors. One thing a lot of people want to do too is pick their favorite outfit out that they only wear at special occasions but that doesn’t mean that it will make a great picture. Sometimes it might, but don’t automatically think it will.  Whatever you decide to wear comfort is key.  If you’re clothes are comfortable you will relax more and that always makes the pictures better.


I really like vibrant bright colors that really pop in pictures. A lot of people really like the bright white shirt with blue jeans, which is a great look but can often be difficult to photograph. If you are taking your pictures in the middle of the day a white shirt can get blown out and not look great every time. A better idea is a cream or beige color shirt. One other thing about color to keep in mind is it’s not always necessary for everyone in the photo to be wearing the exact same one. For example, if everyone is wearing a bright red color shirt and everyone gets grouped up together then then it’s hard to tell where one person starts and one person ends. I like it if everyone wears a different shade of a color. This makes everyone look like an individual yet as part of a group.

Prints vs Solids

The wrong print can ruin a picture but the right one can really make a picture stand out above all the others. My favorite look is when a few people wear prints and a few wear solids.You don’t want to wear any wild patterns or horizontal stripes as they do not always photograph well and are not very flattering.

accent colors

If the season and weather is right, layering your clothing is a great look.  It also allows you to get an accent color in the picture.  This isn’t always possible in the summertime when temperatures can be over 100 degrees at 8pm.  Another way to get an accent color in the picture is with jewelry.  I think jewelry can really put a picture over the top (in a good way). Either with those coral earrings or that aqua necklace if they are worn right can make an ordinary picture extraordinary.

What not to wear

Shirts with writing on them.  You might like the shirt today but  next year it might be out of style and you don’t want to pay for pictures if you won’t like them next year. Even if you work out all the time and have “ripped” arms sleeveless shirts are never a good idea. For some reason very few girls can pull off Polo shirts well.  If you really want to wear a polo, make sure it is fitted for a woman’s body, and not cut straight on the sides. Shirts with short hemlines – the bottom edge of the shirt should hit at your hips or lower.
Exact matching outfits – it might seem cute now to both wear the exact same outfit, but in a few years, you will laugh at yourself for being so cheesy!

Other things to consider

Girls, be aware of your body type. Know what your flaws are, what your assets are, and dress accordingly. If you’re a curvy girl, wear something properly tailored that really shows off the curves of your body. Look for shirts with long torsos that will make you look longer and leaner. Short hemlines on shirts will make you look bigger. Avoid extremely baggy clothing and super skintight clothing. If you’re petite, dressing in trendy layers will give you a more sophisticated look, but don’t go for anything poofy or with big shoulders/sleeves or it might end up swallowing you in the images. If you’re an athletic girl, avoid the urge to play up your killer arms or rock-hard thighs. Unfortunately, without sophisticated studio lighting, it can be hard to capture muscular definition in photos, and heavily-muscled arms and legs can end up looking more like fat.
Guys, If you plan on tucking your shirt in, make sure the shirt fits you well and is not too baggy, or you might accidentally end up with a muffin-top effect. Also make sure that your belt matches your shoes!
Be aware of your location, and dress appropriately. If you’re going somewhere very edgy and urban, wear something sophisticated and dressy. If you’re going somewhere artsy and whimsical, go for trendier styles and fun layers. If you’re going somewhere natural like a park, wear something more romantic and light. When in doubt, bring multiple outfits and I will be happy to lend a suggestion or we can find a place you can change and we will photograph you in multiple outfits.


Burroughs Park in Tomball | Beth + Andrew

These are some great friends of ours that used to work with Rebekah. These pictures are a result of me watching a live online training course on posing and lighting.  After watching it I had to go out that weekend and to shoot some of what I learned. We decided to ask Beth and Andrew if they would mind going to Burroughs Park and letting us take their pictures. I think they turned out great. We had such an awesome time. It’s great when a couple trust you like they did and I think it really shows in the results.

engagement pictures of beth and andrew at burroughs park in tomball tx

engagement pictures of beth and andrew at burroughs park in tomball tx

engagement pictures of beth and andrew at burroughs park in tomball tx

engagement pictures of beth and andrew at burroughs park in tomball tx

engagement pictures of beth and andrew at burroughs park in tomball tx

engagement pictures of beth and andrew at burroughs park in tomball tx


Wells-Henry Engagement Session at Bentwater Yacht and Country Club

bentwater yacht & country club engagementbentwater yacht & country club engagementbentwater yacht & country club engagement

bentwater yacht & country club engagementbentwater yacht & country club engagementbentwater yacht & country club engagement


Katie and Todd’s Engagement Session

Yesterday I got to take engagement pictures of a very special couple. What makes them special you may ask? She is my cousin. This session, that we shot at Lake Livingston, was a lot of fun to do. I am looking forward to shooting their Wedding in April. It is going to be a wonderful day. Congratulations you two!!!

   katie_todd-2   katie_todd-11


   katie_todd-10   katie_todd-9



   katie_todd-6   katie_todd-7