Carah + David Wedding – Tomball Wedding

This was an awesome wedding. I first met Carah (pronounced Sara) and David at Startbucks in Tomball and liked them right away. As I learned all the details about their Tomball wedding it sounded like they knew what they wanted and it sounded great. My wife and I then shot their engagement photos in Cypress, TX and really liked them. My wife was very disappointed that she wasn’t able to help out at their wedding and she missed an amazing wedding. It’s really hard to put this wedding into words.

When I think about it, and this may sound cliche, the one word that comes to mind is Love. I loved how they brought a little bit of themselves to every aspect of their Wedding. From their gift exchange, to the ceremony and reception. One thing the ladies did before the wedding, that I hadn’t seen in any other wedding, was they sang a few worship songs together and they all gathered around Carah and prayed for her. It was truly an amazing moment. Carah gave David a big Lego set from the Lego movie and he gave her a handmade wood box filled with a few of her favorite things, including a can of Coca Cola. At the reception the cake wasn’t a traditional cake, but about a dozen or so fancy bundt cakes and they toast was to bottles of Coca Cola. However, my favorite thing they did was during the first dances. The father daughter dance started with Carah and her dad dancing. This lasted a few minutes and then they invited every father and daughter at the wedding to join them on the dance floor. They then did the same thing for the mother son dance. It was really a very sweet touch.



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